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Vaccine Myth: Harmful Side Effects?

Vaccine Myth: Harmful Side Effects?

When discussing vaccines or Immunizations, we cannot leave out the unproven statements and misconceptions that have somehow dissuaded people from securing themselves. You may have heard claims on harmful side effects from vaccines. But what is the reality?

  • On harmful side effects
    Vaccines are very safe despite many anti-vaccine publications reporting as such. After getting a vaccine, the person may feel a sore arm or get a mild fever. But these are only minor and temporary. It is very rare, one chance in a million doses, for such serious effect to happen. When it does, it is often difficult to prove it because the rest of the recipients are not having such.
  • On occasions of death
    There are very few deaths that may be attributed to vaccines. When you compare this very low number versus a much higher figure (vaccinated people around the world), you will get a very low percentage. Statistically, such a comparison is never accurate. Deaths reported are also examined very carefully and when causation happens, it is about the programmatic error (transportation, handling, storage, or administration) and not the vaccine manufacturing.

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