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Wound Infections: Ways to Avoid Tetanus


Even with expert treatment, tetanus can still be fatal. That is why prevention is greatly encouraged.

So, how can we prevent tetanus? It’s not as if we can prevent ourselves from getting injured altogether.

You’re right. We can’t prevent injuries, and it would be unrealistic of us to expect that from anyone. But there are other things that we can do: wound care and Immunizations.

Wound care is quite self-explanatory. To avoid getting your wound infected, you clean it thoroughly, add ointments, and dress it if needed. This is a non-emergency procedure that you can easily do at home using your first aid kit.

If you do not have a first-aid kit at home, we highly suggest you pay our pharmacy a visit. We have high-quality, affordable Medical Supplies in Michigan.

Immunization, on the other hand, is a little bit different. This is not something that anyone – unless they are certified – can administer at home.

Plus, tetanus shots are not given willy-nilly. You will have to visit a clinic, or in most cases, a hospital to get your doses.

But not everyone likes waiting for hours just for a shot. Our Pharmacy in Waterford, Michigan can help there too. We accept appointments and walk-in immunizations.

If you are looking to get a tetanus shot or to update any of your existing vaccinations, simply drop by VC Pharmacy or set an appointment by calling us at 248-618-3894. Don’t worry, our staff will take care of you.

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